Back on black

Haven’t had a chance to mention this, but for the first time since last September I had the chance to ride my black Giant TCR Advanced. It was a beautiful, sunny day and I was told by my coach to go out and do an easy hour spin. A perfect occasion to head to Cleveland Park.

2009 Giant TCR Advanced

My repaired and newly built up 2009 Giant TCR Advanced

I love the bike. Calfee Design has it looking almost new. The only thing I did not have them do when they repaired my frame and repainted it was not to put the TCR Advanced logo along the front section of the top tube. I’m thinking about replacing it with a decal.

The ride is smooth but nimble, just like my white TCR Advanced. The bikes are set up so well that when I am on the one, I don’t feel any different than when on the other. I do notice some difference when when it comes to the components. The SRAM Red components on the white bike do have a slight advantage over the SRAM Force components on the black one. However, to be honest, once I stop thinking about it, I don’t notice even that.

Rolling on that bike, especially after the solid finish at Fork Shoals this year, I felt that things have finally come full circle. The memory of the accident is fading. My mind is more focused thinking about the future than remembering the past. My bike is repaired and so is my confidence.

I’m back on black! It’s been too long and I’m glad to be back.