Who needs a power nap? Take a power lap.

Yes, it has been a busy week. I also mentioned that it has been an off week for my training. What this has led to is a lot of pent up stress and not much physical output. That equals frustration. Any of you who exercise on a regular basis and then miss for several days know what I’m talking about.

So, I simply couldn’t take it anymore! Even though yesterday was a very important day in my work schedule, I took 45 minutes to ride my bike. After a quick bite to eat at lunch, I rolled off from the house to do an easy spin out and back. It was the best thing I could have done — both for my training and my work.

The trees behind the house were swaying and as I rolled my bike out to start I could tell that the weather was fluctuating. Quickly I threw my rain jacket in my back pocket.  I also figured that the wind might make the ride a little uncomfortable. I didn’t care. I just wanted to ride!

It was one of those times when you find a smile spreading across your face. The weather was really just perfect. At least when the ride started there was no rain. The wind turned out not to be bad at all and was quite refreshing.

Heading down East North Street instead of my typical back road route, I managed to get green lights that allowed me to keep momentum all the way to the park. I avoided the climb on Woodland Way and turned right to head to the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Once on the trail I spun easily toward Falls Park, through A Children’s Garden (Linky Stone Park), and then to the end of the trail by the under construction Kroc Center.

Then I decided to do a little exploring and find where the trail picked up again. Following roads that seemed to be taking me in the general direction that the trail would follow, I did come upon more sections of the uncompleted trail. This led me to Pete Hollis Blvd. Once there, it was time to head back. Work was calling.

Taking a direct route to downtown along Pete Hollis took me by Hincapie Sportswear and then back toward Cleveland Park. In the park the rain started to fall a little heavy. Ahhhhh! It was sooooo good to smell the rain soaking the warm asphalt. After such a cold winter it was nice to feel the rain hitting me and refreshing me instead of freezing me!

Arriving back home I still had the grin on my face… well, it spread into a full smile. My legs felt loose and warm. The tenseness that had been building in my body over the last four days was gone. My mind was in a much more positive frame.

Forty-five minutes on the bike made the rest of the hours I worked Thursday more profitable. I’ve never been a person who takes naps. My wife is great at taking short “power naps.” I can’t. If I lay down for a nap, I’m out for an hour or more. However, I could get into taking “power laps” ever now and again. It does a body — and mind — good!