Racing comes to Greenville

The Paris Mountain Time Trial takes place in just a few hours. This is the first of three events in 2010 that allow riders to race against the clock up Paris Mountain. There will also be some collegiate racing taking place in the Greenville environs. If you get a chance, get out and check out the action.

You can find out more about the Paris Mountain Time Trial at the official PMTT Facebook page. It will be fun for spectators due to the fact that the riders will be spaced out in 30 to 60 second intervals. They also won’t be able to go too fast. 🙂 That should allow you to find different spots on the mountain to cheer on your friends.

I wish I could be there racing, but also to see Bryant Young of Amputee in Action break in his new Rocket Socket. For over 20 years, Bryant has not been able to stand to pedal his bike because he only has one leg. However, he has developed a special rig on his bike that allows him to now stand. I’m betting he gets a PR today!

The other racing going down is the Furman University Race Weekend. It starts today with the Team Time Trial at the Fork Shoals Course. It starts at 9 AM today, so you probably won’t make it if you’re just now reading this! You can make the Road Race that will take place on the same course later in the day. The first group starts off at 2 PM.

The race I would point out is Sunday’s Criterium on the campus of Furman University. It has been awhile since bicycle races have taken place on the campus there. Now it is back with a criterium. If you you are not used to cycling, this is the race you need to check out. The riders will go around a short course right on the front of campus. You’ll have plenty of times to see them pass.

It is also exciting because there are four turns in the .75 mile course. You can move from one to the other during the race to check the different angles of action. Add to that is the fact that you have young egos and school pride on the line and you have some excitement!

You can get more details by looking at the brochure for the event by clicking here. Whatever you do, I trust your have a safe and profitable day! Me? I have a picnic I’m organizing and then my Functional Threshold Test later in the day. More to come on that later.