At last I am over the line

It is just a small thing, but I got my FTP test report back from my coach and noticed that for the first time all bars on my Power Profile have moved into Category 3 territory. Yes, I know it doesn’t really mean much unless it can be converted to power on the road. Still, it is something I have been aiming for over a couple of years.

WKO+ Power Profile

Moving into Category 3 territory (click to enlarge)

The bars I’m talking about are the ones to the far right of the graph. As you can see, all the bars are just slipping over the line. I guess now I can say I’m a “sorta good” racer. 🙂

The amazing thing is to see where the chart says the domestic and international professional riders chart in with their power! I can’t fathom putting out that kind of power. Even the next level on the chart seems like something I can never obtain.

It reminds me of seeing the time Thad Dulin put up on Saturday’s Paris Mountain Time Trial. He climbed Altamont Road in around 9 minutes 30 seconds. My fastest time up has been just under 11 minutes 40 seconds and I thought I was absolutely going to die when I did it. That is a whole 2 minutes faster. Wow!

That is part of the fun of cycling though. You can ride the same road as a professional (George Hincapie’s best time up Paris Mountain is around 8:45) and see how you compare. Something they say is that the pro is experiencing the same suffering you are only he is going faster. So, you at least can get a glimpse of what they are doing… just sooner on the pain scale!

I’m a happy man. More and more I realize that a goal I had set early on isn’t really the most important thing to be aiming for, but it is still a great day when you see any goal reached. Today is one of those days.