Short video along the Reedy River

This blog often covers the workouts involved in my training. However, not all of the rides are heavy duty. Sometimes it is just an easy hour of spinning. Often, the course isn’t made up entirely of roads.

Such was the case yesterday when I went out for an early lunch ride. A thunderstorm was forecast for the early afternoon and into the evening. If there was going to be a ride, it would have to happen then.

Sorry that it is so shaky. I was using my iPhone and the sidewalk had slight ripples in it. Even with the iMovie image stabilization feature, I still ended up with the jerky movements.

Still, it is a enough to give you an idea why so many of us love Greenville so much. This is just a portion of the lovely areas that are available for you to ride — and walk. Now that the rain came and washed away some of the pollen, it is even better!