Low Cadence kit design – come get the goodness!

It has taken a while, but the design for the first ever Low Cadence cycling kit is complete! We are currently readying the design for Hincapie Sportswear who will be creating the custom kits for us. You can express your interest in a kit at the contact information below.

Why have a LowCadence.com kit? The idea actually came about as I was planning the 2010 Ride For Mike. Looking for fun ways to raise money for ride, I decided to check on what it would take to get a kit made for the ride. Then I realized that people would not have as much of a connection with Ride for Mike and there might not be as many people willing to purchase them.

I sat down with Chris Hartzler and we talked about what approach we should take. It only made sense to create a kit that more people would associate with and would have life beyond the ride. Branding the kit with Low Cadence was the way to go. I then commissioned Chris to create a kit that “even if people had no idea what Low Cadence is, they would want to have one.” Here’s hoping that he succeeded!

The pricing for the kits is not set as of this time. I have to get a better idea on the cost for production. However, this will be a fund raising endeavor with ALL the money going to the 2010 Ride for Mike. Are you interested? It would be very helpful that if you would like to have a kit you contact me at lowcadence@pait.org. This does not obligate you to purchase a kit, but it does help me better gauge interest and wrap up the timing of the project. The more initial interest, the sooner I can get them.

Thanks for reading and supporting LowCadence.com.