I need your help choosing a jersey

Don’t have much to post about today. I’m going through a rest period and I’ve also been feeling a little flat. Saturday’s ride was good. Tonight should be fun out at the Tuesday Night World Championships. I really think I need to get to the coming Saturday when I’ll put my race wheels back on and get with it!

Things have slowed down a bit with the 2010 Ride For Mike as well. Much of that has to do with me feeling a bit flat. I’ve been going on such a high with the plans for the event that I knew I would have to come down at some point! However, I did get a some more jersey designs. It is neat to see them, but I would be more excited to see them delivered to Hincapie Sportswear and this long awaited process get underway!

You can help by telling me which design you like the most:

Original LowCadence Jersey Design

Original LowCadence Jersey Design (click to enlarge)

This is the original design – with a slight change in the location of the sponsor logos on the back. We’re going to need to find a way to enlarge those logos in order to better expose the sponsors. Do you like this one, or would you prefer one of the next two options?

Jersey Option Number Two

Jersey Option Number Two (click to enlarge)

The Beautiful Redhead really likes this one. She thinks the addition of the white helps the design “pop” a little more and also gives a better contrast for some of the logos. I’m thinking it might also be a good way to work out the logo problem. We could have one sponsor logo on the front and remove it from the back and then spread the three remaining logos across the pockets. Hmmmmm… any other ideas?

The Third Jersey Option

The Third Jersey Option (click to enlarge)

The third one expands the white portions introduced in the second option. It would make the adjustment of the logos a little harder, but it does give the jersey a little more “motion.”  So, what do you think? One, Two, or Three?