Scott Elam takes the prize

The Low Cadence Memorial Day Coffee Give-away ended last night with Scott Elam of Greenville, SC coming away with a pound of Low Cadence Coffee. He will also get the option to choose between the medium roast and our new dark roast. And that’s not all… $20 will also be donated to the 2010 Ride for Mike in Scott’s name.

Yes, you asked for it and now it is here… a darker roast of our unique Low Cadence blend. There is plenty available as we just got a new shipment yesterday. If you like good coffee and you enjoy supporting worthy causes, consider giving a donation to the 2010 Ride for Mike.

It is really easy, you can go to the above link and fill out the donation form. When you do so, make sure you specify that you would like the coffee and what type of roast you desire. Gifts of $15 or more will receive a pound. If you are local, we’ll try to deliver it to you (and snap a photo while we are at it).  If you are out of the area, we’ll be glad to ship it.

Thank you for your support of this project and Low Cadence. Really, right now, you just don’t know how much it means to me. I apologize that there has not been a lot of interesting stuff lately. It is just that it is pretty painful to type and the thoughts just aren’t coming easily right now.