My Tour De France

The Tour De France got underway Saturday with the first stage on the road covered Sunday. Wow, the Prologue lived up to its billing — even the (IMHO) overhype between Contador and Armstrong. Sunday’s stage also gave some unexpected (if painful) twists with the crash in the final meters. It’s been great… but this blog isn’t about the racing over in Europe.

Saturday, I started my own Tour De France — or I’m going to call it the Tour De Sous-sol. What? I’ve been off the bike for several weeks. The legs have only turned for several hours since May 22. I’m down to 163 pounds from around 167. Much of that weight lost I’m certain is muscle. It’s time to get going again. It’s time for the Tour De Sous-sol — my Tour of the Basement.

It is exciting to see the Peloton rolling over the roads of the Netherlands and Belgium. The pulse quickens and that switch flips in my head drawing me to the bike. The only problem is that my bike can’t go on the road. Let me rephrase that… my bike can go on the road, but I’m not allowed to be on it if it is!

I’m getting around this by riding the trainer. My goal is to get back on the bike and ride each day there is a stage of the Tour. As I go forward into this month, I’m sure I’ll come up with more of a system of training. Right now, I just want to get on the bike for as long as I can each time.

Saturday was my first day on my personal tour. I went for two hours on the trainer! I don’t do two hours on the trainer when I’m training for real! Granted, most of the time was spent at 100 watts or under. However, I did get over 150+ watts for thirty minutes or so with a few minute bursts up to 200+ watts. It was a good start, but there is a lot of work ahead.

Sunday I backed off a little with only an hour on the Pain Machine. It was nice though to find the legs are remembering the rhythm. The 90+  cadence was coming as second nature. I even can feel a bit of firmness coming back to my muscles.  This is going to be good.

I’m looking forward to seeing where I’ll be a month from now. I will be out of the neck brace and hand cast by then with quite a few hours in my legs. It will be a good thing — when the Tour De France ends, I’ll have less than two months before the Ride for Mike begins.