At last! Low Cadence kits are here!

Sure, it is exciting that I have only 9 more days before I can throw my leg over a top tube that isn’t attached to a trainer. However, the most exciting news came in the form of a phone call late yesterday afternoon. It was Diana from Hincapie Sports letting me know that the Low Cadence kits had arrived and were ready for pick up!

I don’t have a lot of time to exult about it this morning. I’m at work and I have to get to it. However, I couldn’t help but upload a couple of pics here this morning.

The new Low Cadence cycling kit!

Here is the front of the Low Cadence jersey

In between shots here, I’d like to issue some thanks. First of all, Thank You to the McCaskill family who made it possible for me to purchase the kits. Thanks to Chris Hartzler for designing the kit. Of course, a big thanks to Hincapie Sports for giving me a deal. Then I have to say thanks to all the people who ordered the kits. Because of everyone’s involvement, we were able to raise thousands of dollars with the kits.

The new Low Cadence jersey

The back of the Low Cadence jersey

I’ll be sending out the kits — or delivering them personally to save a little bit of money. Please be a little patient as I get them processed. You will receive them as soon as I can get them out. I want you to enjoy them and get on the bike with them ASAP!

When you do get yours, please, please send me some pictures. I would like to show some of the wonderful people who have helped to make the 2010 Ride for Mike a reality! You mean a lot to me.

Finally, want one? I can place another order, but I’ll need to have a minimum of 10. If you are interested, just email me. We’ll see if we can get enough for another order.