You are in good hands with Lucy

Yesterday was a fun day. Turns out that it was a good day for me on the inside as well as the outside! It was a great day to help me get back some excitement for what I am trying to accomplish and a great day for getting some help to prep me for getting back on the bike.

I got started by heading out on my lunch break to deliver some Low Cadence kits. One of the first places I stopped was Eastside Chiropractic to deliver a kit to one of my strongest supporters toward my return to the bike and for the 2010 Ride for Mike. Thankfully, the kit fit the 6′ 4″  David Mruz. Better yet for me, he wouldn’t let me out the door without me getting an adjustment.

Later in the day, I arrived at the St. Francis location out on Innovation Drive. Here I was to meet Lucy Allen. She is a massage therapist that I have known for a year or so. We had always talked of connecting, but I just never got around to it. Well, yesterday we did and I am glad.

Lucy Allen and Jonathan Pait

A big thanks to Lucy Allen for the great work

For my February birthday the beautiful redhead gave me a gift certificate for an hour session with Lucy. My initial plan was to use the gift about a week before the French Broad River road race — one of my A events for the year. Well, I never made it.

First, Lucy sat me down and showed me a group of exercises to help loosen up and strengthen my neck muscles. They hurt, but I could tell they were zeroing in on some of the spots that have been the most problematic for me. Since my neurosurgeon hasn’t given me any physical therapy to do, Lucy’s instructions are most appreciated.

Then it was time for what I came for. Of course, being the journalist I am I was peppering Lucy with questions about why she did certain things. What was she looking for in the texture of the muscles? Were there pressure points that she focused on for a certain effect? Why were there the various oils? My guess is she wished I would just shut up so she could do her job!

Well, turns out she did shut me up. When I moved over for my upper back to be worked on, I had nothing else to say. It hurt so wonderfully! She found all of those “calcium deposits” that cause those rolling sensations. Slowly but surely I felt her work them out. Before long I was totally relaxed. I. Felt. Soooo. Good!

It isn’t a science with Lucy. “I just go to the spots that my hands tell me I need to work on,” she told me. Well, her hands must have been telling her the right things! Speaking of her hands. Wow, I would not want to get in an arm wrestling match with her! When you shake her hand for the first time, you immediately notice two contradictory sensations… 1) the strength of her grip, 2) the softness of her touch. I’d say those are great assets for a masseuse!

Thanks so much, Lucy!