2010 Ride for Mike route: Day Five

I’ll tell you. I’m getting nervous. I’ve been out on the bike several time over the last couple weeks finishing 4 – 5 hour rides. I’m pretty much toast by the time I finish. Normally the distances I cover are 60 – 70 miles. Ummm, that is about half the miles I’ll need to cover some days during the Ride for Mike.

Well, at least Day Five gives me a reprieve — sort of…

This day is the part of the route that sees me leaving Greenville and heading into the final state of the trip. Thursday night should find me just outside of Charlotte. It will be my first “sub-century” day if everything goes well.

Greenville, SC to Belmont, NC

Day Five route for the 2010 Ride for Mike

It is the Greenville, SC to Belmot, NC leg. If things go as planned, I will leave from the campus of Bob Jones University that Thursday morning, September 23. The route will take up Highway 29 through Spartanburg and on through King’s Mountain to Charlotte.

The miles may be fewer, but I’m familiar with these roads and they are not going to be easy miles. It is going to take a bit of work to knock out 90 miles. We’re talking the possibility of more 8 hour days even as the miles covered decrease.

Still, I’ll be soooo close. There will be only two days left if I can make it this far! The lift I get from the knowledge is surely going to help me finish the job.