2010 Ride for Mike route: Day Six

We’re almost there… at least in my planning dreams. We are definitely almost to my goal of $14,000 for the Ride for Mike. This morning as I type this the total has reached $12,950.  Who knows, perhaps today will be the day we reach the goal. Still, there is a lot of pedaling left to do!

Talking to my friend John at Sunshine Cycle Shop I got the best advice. “It is just another bicycle ride,” he said — meaning more than what it sounds like at face value. He could tell I was getting too caught up in the big picture. When you approach the trip as 60 hours on the bike in a single week, it seems overwhelming. When you analyze your approach this way and that, it is easy to start second guessing. What John was saying was, “Just get on the bike and start pedaling. Enjoy the ride. The rest will follow.”

“The rest” includes the route from Belmont to Asheboro, NC. It will hopefully be my second sub-century day in a row. Of course, one aspect of the route as a whole is that the distances in the later days are shorter. This is planned for two reasons: 1) If I am able to get the mileage I planned in the early days, I’m going to be pretty tired toward the end and the shorter distances will be welcome; and 2) If I fall behind during those first four days, I can try to make up the distance in the last three days.

Belmont to Asheboro, NC

Ride for Mike Day Six route

Basically, we will get on Highway 49 and head northeast. Depending on the weather, I think I can make some good time this day. The road is good and sections of it are four-lane divided highway. More and more I welcome those types of roads.

One of the things I am concerned with is also one of the things I am comforted by. That is the fact that my wife will be following me in a support vehicle. It is a great thing because I look forward to sharing this adventure with her. It is a concern because sometimes having a support vehicle can be problematic in traffic. In some cases on certain roads, I would feel more comfortable riding without a follow car. Irate drivers who are being held up on a narrow road are not ones I want to deal with. I’ve seen them do pretty stupid things.

I think we may take an approach where she will not always be behind me. There will be certain roads where I will have her go ahead to a designated area to await my arrival. There are several reasons I think this is a good idea. First, there are times when it will simply be safer. Second, there will be times when she can go ahead to scout out resting areas and food stops. Third, I think she is going to need a break now and then! If I’m spending 60 hours in a week on a bike… imagine spending 60 hours in a car averaging under 20 mph!

I love you, Beautiful Redhead!