I need Noodle for a backbone

Only nine more days of planning and anxious waiting until I throw my leg over the top tube and take that first stroke toward making it all a reality. There have been times when I thought I must be dreaming — or was lost in a pain pill induced stupor — to think that I could accomplish the goals I’ve set for the 2010 Ride for Mike. Then I came upon Noodle. Now I know I can make this dream come true.

Janeen McCrae is a writer from New York by way of Australia. Now she is a rider as well as she joins her pals Precious, Zimmerman, and Fletch as they make their way across America. As she uses her legs to make her way across the country raising money to put a stop to the monster cancer, she uses her fingers to make her way into the hearts of hundreds of those who read her blog. I would be one of those.

It isn’t that I don’t know other people who have accomplished — or are currently attempting — the feat of riding solo across the country. Right now there is a fellow Greenvillian, Don Dobbs, who is making his way home from Oregon.  Then there is my college buddy Ken Dockery and his Inspire Hope Tour. Still, there is something different about Noodle (Janeen’s nickname) and her unsupported ride across the country.

“Wait,” you say. “She is unsupported? What about Precious, Zimmerman, and Fletch?” You really can’t blame Janeen for naming and having conversations with her equipment. Zimmerman is her single wheeled trailer that she pulls behind her bike… You guessed it, “Precious.” We were introduced to Fletch, her rear view mirror attached to her helmet, about a month into their adventure.

Precious and Zimmerman

Two of the Noodle team

It is the way she expresses herself describing the surroundings of her adventure that draw you in. You find yourself willing her up the next hill — or mountain as the case may be soon (she is heading into the Rockies). You even find yourself talking to Zimmerman!

I know that part of it is that I am forming an empathetic connection with Janeen because I know that soon I too will be feeling some of the same emotions. Granted, my attempt is not nearly of the same magnitude as hers. It is that fact that gives me great encouragement as I set out on my 700 mile in 7 days adventure. If Noodle can ride Precious across the country all by herself with only Zimmerman as her support and Fletch watching her back… surely I can ride through five states.

You can follow Janeen at her blog, No Direction Known, and on Twitter (@thenoodleator). Of course, don’t forget about her bike with brain at YesIAmPrecious.com. During the time we’ll both be on the road at the same time, I will bring to mind the tenacity and gumption of this diminutive writer/rider. It will be good to have some Noodle in my backbone when the going gets tough!