Today’s Twitter Trail (2010-09-13)

  • We start the new week passing the $13,000 mark toward the Ride for Mike goal. Can you give to help us reach $14,000? #
  • There are a limited number of slots available for the Low Cadence kit order going out next week. Get yours today – #
  • β€œ@cyclingfans: Tour de l'Avenir TT: Butler tops for USA so far” Go, @cbutler88! #
  • I am very happy with the @cyclemeter app on my iPhone. It is going to be an inexpensive solution for tracking the #
  • Just getting to see the extended forecast past the September 19. Looks like the will start out in beautiful weather! #
  • Only negative about is that I will miss @bgreene1, @anitafranklin, and a bunch of Twitter buddies at USPros. πŸ™ #