Please don’t send me to the doctor

There is a little strangeness going on since I returned from the 2010 Ride for Mike. At the end of the day my calves and ankles are swollen. I first noticed it Tuesday evening. Now I’m starting to get paranoid and the Beautiful Redhead is getting ready to send me to the doctor.

It is true that last week was a shock to my system. You might recall that I even weighed in a under 150 pounds the Wednesday I came through Greenville. However, that seemed to be the turning point and by the time I reached home at the end of the week, I was back at my normal weight of 165.

This morning I weighed in and found the scale reading 176 pounds. I reset it and tried again… 176. Hmmmm, that isn’t that much over my normal weight. Also, I haven’t ridden my bike since I returned. Without exercise, it isn’t that hard for me to pick up 10 pounds. I guess the only weird thing is that would be 10 pounds in a couple of day.

When the wife saw me this morning, she was checking out my hands, wrists, and face. “You are swollen,” she said with that nurse look on her face. “Look, my legs are fine this morning and I don’t think my face is really swollen,” I replied. Then she gave me the “I am the mom” look and said, “If you don’t look better by lunch, you are going to the doctor.”

Turns out she had been researching stuff on the Internet while I was sleeping in a bit. She has me near death with blood clots and who knows what all else. I think I just need a little more time for my body to equalize after going from one extreme to the other. Probably a good spin on the bike would help that along.

I walked into the office this morning and looked at my assistant. “Okay, this is not a joke,” I asked first thing. “Does my face look swollen?” She replied, “Your left side does.”

Well, here’s hoping it goes down by lunch.