2011 Ride for Mike

2011 Ride for MikeThe 2011 Ride for Mike raised $12,160We made our way to Charleston from Greenville!

Thank you to all of you who followed us here or on Twitter. There is still an opportunity to participate by pledging today! Also, if you made a pledge, please be sure to fulfill your pledge soon. It was such an encouragement as I labored on the bike to hear that a new pledge was made. I know it will be an incredible blessing to the Ellis family to see all of the pledges in their trust fund.

The map below shows the route as we completed it. Soon a blog entrance about the experience will be posted at Low Cadence. More details about the ride can be found there.

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Our goal was to raise $20 a mile between Greenville and Charleston, South Carolina. I like to say that you all not only got me to Charleston, you sent me out into the Atlantic Ocean! The amount raised covered a distance of over 600 miles. So, what was all of this for? Learn more about the ride and what the money is going to support.