Memories can revive a passion

Our brains must have a memory chip that is tied to our senses and emotions. I know this because yesterday I happened to go back and read through the experiences I had during the 2010 Ride for Mike. As the patterns of the words coursed into my brain; the smells, environment, and emotions were reawakened.

You can read it for yourself here, but I’m certain it won’t have the same affect on you. This is something I will hang onto for the rest of my life. Who knows, maybe someday my grand children will say, “Wow, grandpa, you did that?!”

It was also an encouragement to remind me that I can do hard things. It brought back to my mind that accomplishing hard things can bring a great amount of satisfaction. The only thing I will regret are those times when I look back and say, “I wonder…?”

This is true on the bicycle, but it is a lesson you can take into any aspect of your life. I tend to be a “safe” individual. It is easy to find yourself in a comfortable spot and settle in to let others take the lead. The problem is, there are lots of things in my mind that cry out to be accomplished. Not taking the risk only leads to a lot of “I wonder…?” moments.

I know I can do hard things. I know I can accomplish things that really matter. I just need to get out of the recliner of life, put down the remote control of watching others, and get to it.

Thanks, Ride for Mike. You are a gift that keeps on giving.