Show some support for father and son time

I mentioned earlier that Thing Two and myself have plans for riding in BJU: The Ride 2011. I’m figuring I’ll get in at least 80 miles on the day and Jonathan Jr. has set a goal of 30 miles. I’m thankful for the people who have pledged to support him. I can see the encouragement in his eyes each time I tell him he has another pledge.

Jonathan, Jr. and me

Make a pledge at

Right now, I’m coming straight out and asking you to sponsor either of us for the ride. This isn’t the 2011 Ride for Mike (more on that later) and I wouldn’t be asking except for the fact that I want Thing Two to see what can be done when we get a little out of our comfort zone. It is encouraging to see the wonderful hearts of people around us.

To give, just…

  1. Go to BJU: The Ride 2011
  2. Enter your contact information
  3. Use the drop down list to choose Jonathan Pait or Jonathan Pait Jr
  4. You can then choose the amount you wish to sponsor per mile and/or enter a single pledge
  5. Enter the optional information, if you wish
  6. Then click the Make My Pledge button.

We’re hitting the course next Saturday. It was fun last year to have some friends pop in during the 5 hours we were out there to give us some company. It was really nice to have some pulls now and again!

So, please consider pledging a few dollars for our ride. If you are in the area, plan on coming by the campus of Bob Jones University and taking a few laps with us. Either way of support is greatly appreciated!