Earning a cup of joe on the bike

At least for today the weather is absolutely beautiful here in Greenville. There is a chance of rain coming our way later, but for now it is time to take advantage of what we’ve been given. That being the case, the Draft brought me to work today.

SE Bikes Draft with conversions

My commuter bike

I got to figuring… I don’t necessarily ride my bike to work to save gas, but I do wonder how much it would actually save me. Is it worth it for the cash? It certainly is worth it for the pleasure.

Gas – $3.36 a gallon

MPG – 26 (in the BMW and around 30 in the FIT, but the Beautiful Redhead normally has the Honda)

Trips – If I have lunch at home, it would be a “there-back-there-back” day

Distance – roughly a mile from my home to the office – so 4 miles total

Formula – distance/mpg*gas=savings

That means that riding my bike to work saves me about…

50 cents a day

$2.50 a week

$12.50 a month

$150 a year

Now, I don’t think that is going to happen! However, it does show that a little bit each day adds up over time. A week of riding is at least worth a cup of coffee.