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When the page views of Low Cadence exceeded the 200,000 mark, I got curious to see which pages have been read the most during that time. It would appear that the most popular post is one that caused me a good amount of pain!

  1. The Altamont Crash
  2. The Low Cadence Honda Fit bike mount system
  3. 2010 Ride for Mike
  4. My final word on the Quarq CinQo & Garmin 705
  5. Help me support my habit
  6. Garmin Edge 500 saga continues
  7. Boyd Bikes c50′s – First impression
  8. First date and I’m in love
  9. A different kind of bike Fit
  10. One more reason for cyclists to love the Honda Fit

The top viewed page over the last year?

  1. 2010 Ride for Mike

That reminds me. I am finishing up the plans for the 2011 Ride for Mike. I hope to be able to create the page for the 2011 ride in the next week or so. Once again I’ll be tackling a feat I have never accomplished before. Mostly though, I am excited about this year’s fund raising project.

Stay tuned! Thanks for reading!

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