I’m so dizzy

It is back. Ever so often I get hit with a sinus problem that is deep in my head. It doesn’t really lead to a stuffy nose. It is more back around my ears. The pain is not so bad, but the dizziness is no fun.

They say that as long as your sickness hasn’t moved into your chest, you can get out on the bike. Of course, the people who say that can probably walk straight! If I’m going to get on the bike right now, it is going to have to be on a trainer. I don’t trust my balance right now.

One thing that seems to help is guaifenesin. Yes, it is primarily for the lower respiratory system, but it seems to loosen whatever is up there and gives me a bit of relief. Along with that over the counter drug, there is good old water. Staying hydrated is a big help.

Sometimes I think the whole thing gets started when I am not hydrating properly. However, to be honest, I’m not sure what brings it on. ┬áIt happens at weird times and doesn’t appear to be seasonal.

I just hope that it is out of my system by Thursday evening. I’d like to take part in the final POA race. You get dizzy enough going around that course without having an inner ear problem!

Anyone else out there have this happen to them? What do you do to treat it?

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