A little help, please!

Each March for the last couple years, I have participated in a ride that raises money for a particular capital project on the Bob Jones University campus, where I work in the Alumni Association. Well, this coming Saturday (March 17, 2012) I’ll be back out there on the .8 mile circuit turning laps for 5 hours. What does this have to do with you? Maybe nothing… but maybe something.

I need some folks to sponsor me. You can sponsor me per mile. I’ll just go ahead and tell you that I have averaged about 90 miles over the last two years. Of course, you can pledge any amount per mile.

A photograph from the March 2011 BJU The Ride

A photograph from the March 2011 BJU The Ride

Here are some stories from the past events…

This could very well be the last time BJU The Ride will take place. The organizer for the last several years is now graduating and unless someone else steps forward to take his place, this will be it. So, I want to give it a good go of it.

Pledging is easy. Just go to BJUTheRide.org and fill out the form. You will find my name listed in the drop down list under “Choose a ride to sponsor.”

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