Big George is not gone yet

The Tour de France season is upon us. Thanks to the Internet and NBCSports we have the opportunity to see more of the lead up races than ever before. It is shaping up to be an interesting July. It will also be a bittersweet event since it was announced today that it would be George Hincapie’s final Tour.

Hincapie has been racing for as long as I’ve been following the sport. He will certainly be missed. However, I’m not ready to write the epilogue of his career. He isn’t done yet. He still has the Tour de France and the USA Cycling Pro Challenge.

On a positive note, consider the number of American cyclists who will join with Big George for his 17th Tour. How things have changed over the years. Of course, not all of the participants have been named, but I imagine you will hear names like Duggan, Danielson, King, Van Garderen, and the list will grow.

So, sit back, enjoy the show and watch the American influence that Hincapie helped build. You can also check out this bit of video I shot back in 2009 when I had the opportunity to join some riders on an excursion hosted by the then USA Cycling Road Racing Champion. The highlight of the ride for me was sitting in George’s draft in a high speed pace line.

Thanks for the memories, George. Now, go out there and make a few more for us!