What a difference 4 years makes

Yes, yes, I am riding the bike. Actually, this week I should be riding more than I have in quite awhile. I have signed up for the Strava Rapha Rising Challenge challenge. I’m going to need to climb over 22,000 feet over the next week.

However, what goes up does come down. When you are climbing around Greenville, you are invariably going to end up climbing Paris Mountain. Once up, you come down. That brings us to the topic of today’s blog post.

Back in 2008 I started doing some recording of my rides with the Contour helmet cam. I enjoyed it, but then the device started acting up and the quality of video surpassed what I could produce. Wow, technology has certainly advanced — not just in the recording of video, but also the producing and streaming of Internet video.

The above video is that video from May, 2008. I see my descending skills have not improved! However, I can tell I’m going to have fun with my new GoPro HD2. You’ll see the quality difference better if you watch the below video in HD quality.

By the way, I’m planning to start posting on a more regular basis. Things are starting to ramp up for the 2012 Ride for Mike. Stay tuned to find out what the plans are for this year!