2012 Ride for Mike Giving


Thank you for your support!

We want to say thank you to these individuals who have given to the 2012 Ride for Mike.

Nick and Bette Uwarow
Dan Rundle
Dan Wooster
Scott Arthur
Tim Morgan
Terry and Sharon Hicks
Beth, Haley and Audrey Chenault
Mike Schroeder
Windell and Linda Pait
Tim Ketler
Patricia Smith
Suzanne Dersch
Carl & Donna Kiger
William Thomson
Dianne Phillips
Chad Terry
Jarred Edgecombe
Jason McCaskill
Lora and Grace McCaskill
Rhonda Arthur
Karen Essex
David Mruz
Lisa Burch
Justin McCaskill
Anthony Gordon
David McQuaid
Phil Humbert
Brent Honshell
Matt Jaeggli
Shane Berry
Dan and Erin Hicks
Glenn Pope
Jonathan Stevens
Beverly Courington
Kraig Scott
Scottie Weiss
Luis Sanchez
Matt Tebbetts
Michelle Adams
Johnny Buffaloe
David Howard
Chris Phillips
Pat LeMaster 

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About Jonathan Pait

Jonathan started riding mountain bikes in the early 1990s. After discovering the ride can start at the end of his driveway, he moved to the road in 2006. Little did he know that first pedal stroke would lead him on an adventure that has become much larger than the bicycle.