I can see you on bamboo

25 Days – $01,700


Yesterday we had another $500 come in for the Ride for Mike. This brings our total so far to $1,700. We’re pretty close to moving past the $2000 line. Who will be the person to make it happen?

Here is a little something that might motivate you to participate. We will be starting an auction on October 1st for a bamboo bicycle. Follow Low Cadence here, on Facebook or Twitter to be notified when the auction opens. It will continue until October 19 at noon.

Bamboo bike from WebbWorks

Here is how it will work, we will be putting up for auction the option for a custom or pre-built bamboo bicycle from WebbWorks with SRAM Force components. While the build photo show a road bike frame, you will have the option to choose among other options.

Once the auction ends, the winner will have the choice of having the frame custom built to their specifications or to go with a standard size frame. Of course, the choice makes a difference on how long it will take to get your bicycle.

These bikes are the real deal. You can read a review (and watch a video) I did of the bicycle back in 2009 when I first experienced the ride. The workmanship and finish of the bicycles has only improved from those times. This bicycle is a useful, solid ride, but beyond that it is just downright cool!