The hallmarks of I Do It For

14 Days – $08,300

Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

Before I started typing this I was getting a little discouraged. As you know, I haven’t been on the bike that much. Today I was hoping to get in a long ride to judge my endurance level.

Well, turns out I have Thing Three’s soccer game this morning and then there is a Bruins soccer game at 5 PM. I have to set up for the alumni area there before the gates open. So, at the most, I am going to get in another one hour ride today.

BUT I can’t be discouraged. There is just too much awesome stuff going on and I am thankful to be able to attend my son’s soccer game. I am also thankful for the opportunities I have to meet with alumni at the games. I am also excited about how the I Do It For Foundation is coming together!

That’s what I want to write about this morning. As we plan for the foundation, I’ve been working on a short business plan. As part of that there is a focus on the values of the organization. Basically, what do we want to be the hallmark philosophies behind what we do. During my hour long ride Friday evening a lot of things that have been rattling around in my brain connected into salient thought.

I Do It For Foundation

The proposed logo for the I Do It For Foundation

Passionate about People

Anytime I think of what the I Do It For Foundation does, this is at the tip of the spear. The focus will be on individuals and their needs. It isn’t that causes aren’t important. It isn’t that there isn’t value in banding together to fight a common enemy. Those are important. However, there are many organizations that focus on that. We want the focus to be primarily on people and secondarily on a cause.

Last night an anonymous donor gave $5000 to the Ride for Mike to be an encouragement to a young man starting his second battle against cancer. I felt like Santa Claus as I notified him of the gift in his honor. We’ll also be sending him a special I Ride For t-shirt. In the grand scheme of things, it isn’t a big deal. However, that little bit of encouragement can mean a lot during a hard time.

Imagine a family struggling to pay medical expenses suddenly learning that a friend, relative or local bicycle club is going to do an event in their honor. They get the ongoing encouragement as the ride is promoted and planned. Then that all culminates in the tangible benefit of funds designated to their personal need. It gives me goosebumps!

Transparent with Truth

Another hallmark of the foundation is transparency. While we will always strive to be careful with the privacy of our donors, we will be transparent with where the money goes. My dream in this regard is that the accounting is public where you can come to and check out the ledger on a realtime basis.

We never want people to raise a question as to whether the funds are being used in ways described by the organization. Obviously, there will be reports that have to be filed with the government, but we want to report to our supporters well before we have to do so to the government.

Selfless in Service

In all of this, the foundation can never be the purpose for its existence. It exists for the mission we are trying to fulfill. If ever the objective is simply to grow the foundation, then we have failed.

The foundation must grow. The money that comes in will not directly go to individuals. Some of it may at some point go to pay administrative salaries. Definitely money will go into building tools and purchasing promotional materials.

However, the administrator must be selfless in his or her service to the people the tools are being built to serve and for whom the promotional materials are being created to encourage.

I Do It For is unique. While it is focused on getting tangible help and emotional encouragement to individuals, it does not do so directly. It is an organization that seeks to motivate and equip others to provide that tangible help and emotional encouragement. It exists to take away the burden of logistics and marketing to empower individuals and groups to lift up individuals in need. Here is really what makes it unique: All of this is done free of charge.

Because of its unique mission, it is very important that the I Do It For Foundation be passionate about people, transparent with truth and selfless in service.