Would you race for Team Low Cadence?

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Here’s an idea. It didn’t come to me in a dream. It came to me in the middle of a bike ride. Seems a lot of my ideas come in the saddle… or in the shower. But enough of that, here is the idea.

Team Low Cadence

Low Cadence Cycling Team?

What do you think of the idea of the I Do It For Foundation starting a cycling team? The team would be based off of this blog (which will within the next couple of months become the “Official blog of the I Do It For Foundation”) and be called Team Low Cadence. Here is how it would work.

Anyone interested in being a part of Team Low Cadence would go to IDoItFor.org and fill out a form expressing their interest. Interested parties would be two different groups… recreational riders and racers. They would participate on two different levels.

Recreational Riders

These riders would would simply sign up by giving their personal information and committing to stage their own individual or group charity ride using the IDoItFor.org tools. They would receive their own personalized I Ride For ____ kit when they started the process of promoting their ride. They would not need to race to be a part of this group.


For racers it would be a bit different. Racers who sign up to be a member of Team Low Cadence would receive a team issue I Do It For kit before the start of the racing season. They would be required to wear the kit during races in which they participate. They would also be required to stage their own individual or group charity ride using the IDoItFor.org tools.

However, it doesn’t end there. If a racer joins Team Low Cadence committing to race for the team during the season, his or her fee for the USA Cycling license would be reimbursed by the I Do It For Foundation after they compete in a requisite number of events. There would also be podium bonuses for Category 3, 2 and 1 riders. They would simply show their finish on the official USA Cycling web site along with a photo from the race (preferably a podium shot) of them wearing their team kit.

Hair-brained idea? I was just thinking that it would be a great way to get publicity for the foundation and at the same time draw people into staging their own events. It really isn’t hard to go out and stage an individual ride for the purpose of helping someone in need. The I Do It For Foundation would make it even easier to be successful.

Perhaps a number of racers in an area could come together and form a team that would allow them to use team tactics. They could work together on their I Do It For event. At the same time they could support a worthy foundation and not have the expense of purchasing team gear.

Crazy idea? Sometimes those are the most risky ones… but sometimes the best ones.