We keep smashing our targets

10 Days – $09,020

Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

Ten more days. Time to start seriously getting everything together for Mike’s first century. It has been exciting to see how things are coming together. It gives me confidence that things will go well on October 20 and beyond. Even the extended forecast looks good for our small band of riders.

It would be really cool if today with 10 days to go that we could break the $10,000 mark. Remember, there are a couple of things to encourage you in that direction. In today’s blog, I’m going to list them for you… plus that item we haven’t used in the totals: the WebbWorks custom bamboo bicycle.

Beans on a Mission!

Low Cadence coffee

Remember, if you give at least $20, you will receive a pound of Low Cadence coffee. This is a special blend that I picked out myself. Ask anyone who has had any and if you can get them to stop smelling it, they will tell you it is some awesome coffee.

We call those little dark brown buddies “Beans on a Mission.” They can find their way to your coffee cup when you fill out the pledge form and indicate you would like a pound delivered. Be sure to enter your address so they can find you.

Ride for Mike t-shirt

2012 Ride for Mike t-shirt

Get your t-shirt!

These t-shirts are brand new for this ride. If you have already given to the ride, then you will automatically receive one. However, you have an opportunity to get your own by giving $50 or more to the 2012 Ride for Mike. “Well, that t-shirt isn’t worth $50!” I guess that depends on how you look at it. Remember, you aren’t “buying” a t-shirt. You are giving to help kickstart the I Do It For Foundation.

All you need to do is submit your pledge and make sure you let us know what size you would like. We’ll also need your address so we’ll know how to get your threads to you.

Place your bid today!

WebbWorks bamboo bike

Charity auction for WebbWorks bamboo bicycle

The auction is still live until Friday, October 20 at noon. There is still a chance it could be yours. As I type this post, the high bid stands at $2820. Here is a secret. I do hope that it will cross the $3000 mark. That would be an awesome gift to the 2012 Ride for Mike, but it would also be a very good deal for the person who wins the auction!

All you need to do is follow this link and place your bid. We’ll keep you up to date via email with where the bidding stands. Good luck and happy bidding!

Thank you for giving

Of course, all of this is really just to make giving a little more fun. We know that you all give not for coffee, shirts or bicycles. It is from the goodness of your hearts that you participate. We do not take that lightly. These little “trinkets” are just our way of saying thank you.

Indeed, we thank you.