A new alloy wheel set for a $50 gift?

8 Days – $10,400

Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

We are into the final push of the fundraising for the 2012 Ride for Mike. Of course, we’ll continue to raise funds for the I Do It For Foundation beyond the ride. We just won’t make every Low Cadence post about it!

So, what is this about a new alloy wheel set for a $50 gift? Here is the fine print. It is part of a drawing.

Boyd Cycling Vitesse wheels

We are making available a set of Boyd Cycling Vitesse alloy clincher (tubular if you’re that kind of person) wheels. How you become a part of the drawing is by going to the pledge page, making your pledge of $50 or more and choosing the amount of unique numbers you wish to place in the drawing. You may give a larger amount as well — say, $300. In that case, you will be distributed 6 numbers.

Once 20 numbers are distributed, we will conduct the drawing. So, you will have at least a 1 – 20 chance of receiving the wheel set. If we do not reach the 20 number threshold by noon on Monday, October 22, we will conduct a drawing with the numbers we have available.┬áIf 20 numbers are distributed by Wednesday, October 17, we will have a second drawing following the same process.

You can learn more about these wheels at BoydCycling.com. We at Low Cadence appreciate the way Boyd Johnson and crew have worked with us over the years. The Low Cadence machine uses Boyd carbon 50mm clinchers for daily use. Here is an opportunity for you to help a cause and get your own set of Boyd wheels.

People ask why we do these promotions instead of just asking for money. All of the people who have given to Ride for Mike would have done so without these promotions. We are thankful to have that kind of support.

The reason we do it is because we want to give back to those who give. This is not a gimmick to raise money, it is our way of saying “Thank you” and recognizing the sacrifice of your gift. So, feel free to give out of the goodness of your heart, but don’t deny us the pleasure of expressing our appreciation in these tangible ways.

Besides, it makes it a lot more fun!