We Do It For

7 Days – $12,000

Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

Wow, seven days and Mike McCaskill will ride his first century. I’m excited to be a part of that and I’m looking forward to his success. At the same time, it has been an incredible journey heading toward that day. What has made it incredible is YOU.

First, you can see the $12,000 at the top of this post. Yesterday morning it was $10,400. I set as the goal for the day to pass $11,000. I thought that would be stretch. However, with the new wheel set offer on the table, we quickly climbed to $10,900.

Then about 10 o’clock last night I put out a plea on the Low Cadence Facebook page and Twitter for someone to knock out that last $100. I received two pledges almost simultaneously. One was for the $100 we needed and the second added a “0” to make it $1000. That was exciting!

I Do It For FoundationThe next piece of excitement came when I put together the I Do It For Foundation Facebook page. I wasn’t setting up really to use. I just wanted to make sure that I could get the URL I desired so that when we launch the foundation on October 22, we would be able to start without a hiccup.

I went ahead and introduced it to my Facebook friends and the “Likes” started rolling in. Then Mike McCaskill did the same and I finally had to step away from the computer at around 46. I had to get some sleep and watching them pop up was starting to get addicting!

This morning I woke up to 72 “Likes” on the page and they are still coming in… a little slower, but still coming in. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I have wondered if I was making my vision for the foundation clear. I know what I see it as in my head, but I don’t ever think I communicate it clearly enough.

The willingness of people I do not even know to give to this effort without the benefit of tax-deduction, the support the foundation has received online through sharing with others, and the phone calls and emails I have received with advice and encouragement; all these things have been incredible. I am convinced more than ever that I Do It For is going to succeed.

I am realizing every day that it isn’t so much about “I” it is about “We”… I Do It For is only possible as it becomes We Do It For.