Another Mike we will be riding for

6 Days – $14,000

Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

Yesterday I was able to get back on the bike. I wouldn’t exactly call it training. There were two objectives for the ride: 1) mark out the route from our starting point to the trail head of the Swamp Rabbit Trail, and 2) take back a Strava KOM that I lost in Cleveland Park. Other than accomplishing those objectives, I was pretty lazy!

We will be leaving from the home of Ride for Mike rider, Tim Ketler. My plan was to take us a little bit of a round about way to the cemetery where the SRT starts. It will be a little hilly, but we can tack 5 miles on to the front of the ride. Combining that start with the SRT gives us 20 miles.

That means that we are up to 40 miles excluding the tougher section of the ride. This should allow us to make it to Woodruff without having to do a loop once we get there. We can reach the end of Hwy. 101, stop in Woodruff for a break and then head back.

Objective one: accomplished

Riding out of Greenville, I had avoid the Fall River Park area. Fall for Greenville is underway and I was assuming the trail would be closed to riding in that area. However, I picked up the trail off of Pete Hollis at the Swamp Rabbit Trail Cafe and Grocery.

I then came upon a warning sign as I rode through Furman. This could potentially cause us problems for the Ride for Mike. Seems that someone is giving horse drawn carriage rides along the SRT for people who in their youth had actually ridden to commuter train that followed the rail line from Greenville to Travelers Rest and back.

Sign from SRT

Neat idea. Just hope it doesn't delay us.

I then marked my route for the Ride for Mike before stopping at The Forest Coffeehouse for a Pumpkin Spice coffee. This ride was turning into a pretty lazy one… and a lot of fun. So often I ride intending to turn the pedals every moment. I will rarely stop to enjoy things from a standstill. It was good to make myself stop.

Then it was on to Greenville for my last objective. It is a little hill just outside of Cleveland Park. I lost it earlier this week, but figured I could take it back with relative ease since I had not pushed very hard the initial attempt.

I tried it a couple of times and just came up short by seconds. I didn’t understand. So, I went back and looked more closely at the segment. Sure enough I discovered that I was starting my attack on the segment too late. The start began before the point I thought.

This time I ramped it up at the right time and got my KOM back. I even think that I could do it faster when I’m feeling a little fresher. So, maybe I can get it under 30 seconds. If you want to see the segment, check out the info below.

Objective two: accomplished

Finally, today, you will notice that our total has reached $14,000. This is due to a $2000 anonymous gift to the 2012 Ride for Mike in honor of another Mike, Mike Slattery, who is battling cancer. This 2012 Ride for Mike will also roll out with him on our minds.

Mike and Lynda Slattery

Another Mike we'll be riding for this year.