And we have a winner!

2 Days – $22,475

Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

Not a long blog post today. There is much to do and I’ve got to get at it. I’ll let you go read the article that appeared this morning in The Greenville News about this year’s Ride for Mike and the start of the I Do It For Foundation.

The first order of business this morning is to announce the winning number of the Boyd Cycling Vitesse wheel set drawing. 13 supporters received a total of 20 numbers by giving $50 to the Ride for Mike for each one. That means the drawing has raised $1000 for the R4M!

For each $50 a unique number between 10001 and 10020 was released. That number range was then placed in a random number picker application. The computer generated the response and we have a winner! The winning number is 10009. If that is your number, then we’ll contact you to arrange for delivery of your new Boyd Cycling Vitesse wheel set.

We also have news on the WebbWorks bamboo bike auction. We have just reached the $3000 high bid! Who is going to put us over the 3K mark? Remember, the bidding ends at noon, Friday, October 19. Do I hear $4000? 🙂

There is much going on. Yesterday, our crew from Memphis started the 500+ mile journey to Greenville. They arrived safely last night. They will spend the next couple of days enjoying Greenville and then the enjoy Saturday’s events.

Riding out of Memphis

The Memphis crew starts out for Greenville

Our first board meeting will be today. There won’t be a large agenda. Mostly it will be me reporting on where we stand right now and then discussing some of the vision ahead. I am thankful for modern technology and board members who use it. We will be able to conduct a good amount of our business online. However, sometimes you need to press the flesh!

I keep reminding myself that things don’t end with Saturday’s Ride for Mike. They are just beginning. That is exciting as well as scary! I do have to admit that I am looking forward to being able to focus on just the Foundation and not both it and the Ride.

It has been a ride up to this point! I feel like I’ve been riding rolling terrain for miles. Up ahead I see a peak rising above the trees. I know I’ve got to climb it. However, I keep reminding myself of the view I’ll find once I get to the top… and all the fun I’ll have coming down!

Come on. Let’s ride it together!