A two-headed monster

1 Day – $25,525

Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

The final day before the Ride for Mike begins. It is going to be a busy one! It has been fun, but I am looking forward to getting on the bicycle and doing this thing.

My day will start out as I head to work to set up a hospitality area for the game tonight. Then around 10 AM, I am going out to spin around the park for half an hour or so. Then it is home for lunch and to moderate the WebbWorks bamboo bicycle auction. The bid stands at $3000. Just think, perhaps $3001 and the bike is yours…

Click here to participate in the auction. Remember, it closes at noon today. Any submissions timestamped by the server after 12 PM, will not be valid. The winner will be notified once the final bid is determined. That should be only a couple of minutes.

Once the auction is over, I’ll need to get the car set up for the ride tomorrow. Basically, everything will need to be ready to go because in the afternoon, I am going to need to get back over to the soccer field to finish up the preparations for the game. I’m going to be a two-headed monster today!

After a quick bite to eat, I’m out at the field hosting the game until tear down time later in the evening. If I’m lucky, I’ll get in bed around 11 PM. Thankfully, we are leaving up the tents and some of the other things for another game tomorrow. I’m handing off those games to my crew.

Planning for the ride and raising the funds needed for the foundation has been fun, but adding to that the work I’ve been doing to set up the foundation and you have me almost to the tipping point. I’m looking forward to turning more focus toward the creation and operation of the I Do It For Foundation.

For now I am at that point where “everything needs to come together.” The thing is that this weekend “everything” is more than just Ride for Mike. There are so many balls in the air I’m just sure I’m going to drop one of them.

Well, it isn’t doing any good just sitting here typing about it… Let’s do this thing!