The 2012 Ride for Mike is now!

Today is the Day


Pledge to the 2012 Ride for Mike

Today is the 2012 Ride for Mike. What an incredible last several weeks! The support has been wonderful and now we have nothing left to do but mount up and ride.

You can still give to help kick start the I Do It For Foundation. We’ll be checking our email when we come to rest points. It is always a great encouragement to see the messages come in. To donate, just click on the Pledge button above and follow the instructions.

If you want to follow along with use, you can do so on Twitter at the @lowcadence account. I’ll be using Siri to send a few tweets along the way. So, if something is spelled wrong or a funny word makes it in the tweet… You can blame it on Apple!

I wish I could spend more time expressing how I am feeling right now. Unfortunately, I am typing this the night before the ride and I it is starting to get late. I’m already tired. I need the rest. I’ll be sure to give a full report in a Sunday afternoon blog post.