2012 Ride for Mike: by the numbers

I finally got around to uploading my data from the ride. That means that the ride is recorded on Strava.com and TrainingPeaks.com. Strava is more for fun and TP is a long running record of my riding and training. However, the data will never tell the story of the day that will stand out for me.

We left at 8:05 and spent just over 9 hours on the bicycle. We pedaled for about 7 of those. That is a statistic that always surprises me. I always think we stopped for less time than the clock tells me. However, it makes sense that if we stopped for a break about every 20 miles we could very quickly use up an hour. We also had to stop for a longer period when I lost Mike.

Jonathan Pait and Mike McCaskill

Jonathan Pait and Mike McCaskill after riding for Michael T.

According to my computer, we averaged around 14 mph. I had hoped for 15, but looking back there really was no reason to go any faster. There is that point where you have to balance setting a sustainable pace and spending too much time in the saddle. An easy pace for a long time can end up being as difficult as a faster pace over a shorter period.

The 2012 Ride for Mike didn’t earn an “Epic” Strava Suffer Score like my 2011 Ride for Mike. Still, we earned an “Extreme” score of 155. What that means I’m not exactly sure, but it sounds impressive!

I tried to find the flattest possible route for this ride and that is a hard feat! We covered 100 miles and accumulated over 3800 feet of climbing. Knowing that you can do that pretty easily in a 30 mile ride around Greenville, I felt pretty good with that.

I averaged 109 watts for the ride with a max output of 1065. That upper number came about 55 miles into the ride when David McQuaid and I were playing around as though we were sprinting against each other. It actually felt pretty good to open my legs up a little at that point.

The morning started out feeling about 39 degrees on the bicycle. By the afternoon that had reached 88 degrees while stopped in a parking lot. However, on the bicycle it was a very pleasant 77 degrees. We really could not have asked for a better day!

However, the key number from the 2012 Ride for Mike was the $30,000 raised for the I Do It For Foundation. So many more people had a role in helping us reach that mark. Thank you so much! You who gave really were riding along with us.

Now we turn our attention fully to setting up the foundation. I’ll be keeping you up to date with our progress through the this blog. One of the first steps will be for us to move IDoItFor.org to its own server. Be looking for some changes to the site soon. Of course, it will be more informational at first as we start planning to build the online tools necessary to make the foundation a success.