Going back to the past to glimpse the future

It has been hard to get back into the swing of things after the 2012 Ride for Mike. At least I have done this times enough to know that this happens: The post-event syndrome.

Post-event syndrome is where you can’t focus on the normal things of life because your brain is still in gear to prepare for and execute the event. When there is no more event to focus on, you find yourself unable to focus on anything. It is almost as though your mind is blank.

Of course, the way to counter this is to just start doing simple tasks and completing them. In a little bit, your mind gets back in gear and life goes on as normal. I’m looking forward to that time!

One thing different after this 2012 Ride for Mike is the fact that aspects of it continue. The ride was for the purpose of raising funds for the I Do It For Foundation. Now it is time to start putting it together in earnest. So, there will be plenty of “not normal” things to keep me busy… or is it just the “new normal”?

If you have not gotten your t-shirt or coffee yet, hang on! It is coming. I’ve got to go through the list and make sure I know who still is supposed to receive one or both of the items. This is where a web tool would have come in handy! It’s coming…

Speaking of the web. We now have a simple placeholder page at IDoItFor.org. It now has its own server and isn’t sharing space with LowCadence.com anymore. Next I will be meeting with Worthwhile for an Information Architecture consultation. Once that is done, we will have a blue print for building the key component of I Do It For ___.

All this has been going on, but I took a break to go over the Sunshine Cycle Shop with my son. I had not been feeling good all day. Even as we drove over, my head was hurting. However, I had promised him we would go check out some mountain bikes.

The bikes were gifts. I wouldn’t have been able to afford them at this point. However, I was allowed to go into the shop and pick out something for myself. As I thought about it, I figured it wasn’t so much a fancy bicycle or component that I wanted. I wanted an opportunity to use the bicycle for good.

My son is now nearly as tall as I am. His road bike is now on the small side. His seat is up as far as it will go and he spreads over the junior frame like a giant.

Jonathan and Thing Two on their new Felts

Jonathan and Thing Two on their new Felts

It was my thought that I would get myself a new road bike and then set up the Giant for Thing Two. However, in discussing this with his mother, she thought it wouldn’t be a good idea. He simply isn’t that interested in riding on the road. He is concerned about the traffic and higher speeds.

She suggested a mountain bike. The problem with that was I had sold my mountain bike back before last Christmas. We wouldn’t be able to ride together. Of course, if I decided not to do a road bike and got some clearance models off the floor, I could swing getting two solid mountain bikes for less than the cost of a roadie.

And so, we walked out of Sunshine Cycle Shop with two 19.5 inch Felt Nine 29ers. My test ride in the parking lot was my very first ride on the oversized wheels. I knew immediately I was going to enjoy it.

In someways this was a return to the past. This was a simple aluminum frame with a hard tail. Yes, the Rock Shox front fork worked well to dampen the initial impact against railroad ties and other obstacles I attempted climb over, but for the most part this was a return to my Diamondback Traverse days.

At home, we spun around in the yard a bit and then headed to Timmons Park. It has been years since I have taken a bicycle in there. Judging from the condition of the trails, it appears it has been years since anyone has ridden in there! Some of the trails have overgrown and disappeared.

Still, as we began to make our way along the old single track, I was reliving the many miles I put in going around the short loop. It was different this time because Thing Two was right on my wheel. That is saying something because Timmons can be quite technical in some spots due to washout and large exposed roots.

Arriving back at home, he continued looking for things to ride over and as we stopped for the Beautiful Redhead to take our picture, I saw a real smile on his face. This wasn’t one of those, “We’re taking your picture, so put a pleasant smile on your mug.” This was a smile you could see in his eyes. I knew he liked it.

So, I can see a little more mountain biking in my future. That is fine with me. That is how it all started for me back in the 90’s. From the knobby tires I found my way to the road. Whether the same thing happens for my son or not, I’m just enjoying the moment.