USA Cycling or not USA Cycling

Thanks for the feedback on whether or not I should ride the Hincapie Gran Fondo. I had several different responses between Yes, No, and Other. Frankly, I still have not made up my mind. However, today I have a different question on which I’d like some feedback.

USA CyclingSimply asked, “What is the advantage of being a USA Cycling registered club?” Yes, I see there are some liability advantages, but does it go beyond that? I assume you can have a club without registering.

Here is why I ask. I want to start a club: Team Low Cadence. Its purpose is to help promote the I Do It For Foundation. The kits would have I Do It For ___ as the primary sponsor. There would also be other sponsors who have provided pro bono work for the foundation.

That is where I run afoul the USAC club rules. According to the rule book, you are not allowed to have sponsors on your jersey until you host your first event. Now, I Do It For as Ride for Mike has done an event for years. They just were not USAC sanctioned events.

I want to work with USAC, but I can provide kits and support for licensed riders without organizing under USA Cycling. In some ways, it would be a whole lot easier. I don’t need permission to ride my bicycle and only individuals need permission to race.

Can someone explain to me the reasoning behind this? Yes, I do plan to call USA Cycling and ask. However, it is still 6 AM in Colorado Springs and I need to get the blog post out.