Well, I am doing it

A couple of days ago, I asked for you all to help me decide whether or not to do the Hincapie Gran Fondo. Well, in a couple of hours I’ll roll off on the 77 mile/10,000 feet climbing ride. This will be partly because most of you told me to.

First, why I am not riding. I am not riding because I am star struck. It isn’t the fact that there will be a number of pros there. My world doesn’t revolve around the professional cycling world. That simply isn’t the big draw. Besides, chances are I’ll only glimpse them. That is what I do on TV. At the same time, I’m not letting the fact that the pros are there keep me away from an event.

Second, it is not primarily to see George into retirement. This is partly the case. George Hincapie is a part of our Greenville community. While I am disappointed with some of the choices he made in the past, I still recognize that he is one of us. I won’t go into it again because I already wrote a blog post about it.


I'm all geared up to ride the climbs

So, why am I doing this. Yes, partly because the majority of you said I should. However, it was not a huge majority.

The main reason I am doing it is because I know if I don’t I’ll wonder what the ride would have been like. Not just the ride on the road, but the entire experience of the Fondo. This is more than a ride, it is an event.

I’m riding it because I want to see how the event is run. From the information I have received, I believe it is going to be a class event. I’m interested to see if it lives up to that perception. There is a lot I can learn as I move forward with the I Do It For Foundation.

There is another reason I’m riding. It is the people I meet along the way who read this blog. I met a number of them on my way to the packet pickup and afterward. They asked what I had decided to do. I’m looking forward to riding with them.

What is going to happen? I don’t know. I’m going to go and give it my best shot and see what happens. My guess is I’ll start off in the crowd, work my way toward the front in the beginning and then get dropped on the first climb. I’ll then hang with various groups until I slog up the second and third climb. I’m guessing I’ll come soft-pedaling across the finish as a survivor.

That is okay. As I’ve mentioned many times before… at least it will give me something to write about!