Hanging it up

I’m hanging up the Giant for a bit. Right now it is hanging there by my son’s Allez in the Low Cadence Lair. I’m not saying I’m completely done riding on the road, but I don’t have a plan for doing so. It is time to turn my attention elsewhere.

Hanging up the Giant

The Giant hangs in the Low Cadence Lair


One reason to take a break is to give my long standing and more recent injuries a chance to heal. My right shoulder and hip are continuing reminders of days gone by. The hard work of the Fondo brought back those memories.

However, I’ve learned pretty much to live with them. The one injury that I know I need to deal with is a wrist injury that I picked up by falling over at a traffic light. Gripping and putting pressure on my wrist (such as when you do a pushup) causes a shooting pain in my wrist just at the inside base of my thumb. It is improving, but resting it seems to be the best way to heal.


When there are lots of “things” you are having to deal with, the bicycle can be an escape or it can be a frustration. You’ve probably read me write about this before. Well, I’m at one of those times when I just need to focus on getting some tasks done that have been put off due to Ride for Mike, Gran Fondo Hincapie and other calendar fillers.

Getting this “gottado” list under control will make returning to the bicycle a more pleasant experience. Removing the pressure of thinking I have to get on the bike will help me focus. I’m really looking forward to clearing a couple of these long standing projects off my plate!


Now, does this mean I am off the bicycle entirely and just letting myself go? No. I’m actually entering this “off-season” with more of a plan than in the past. I’m just taking a different approach.

First of all I am counting back from spring. I want to be better as a cyclist in 2013. That means I have to start preparing for the coming year this winter. This means by mid-November, I am going to be starting up a training plan.

The plan will involve a good amount of work on the trainer. However, I also want to start now on work off the bicycle. I really believe that strengthening my core and increasing my leg strength is going to be a key to 2013 success.

So, starting immediately, I m going to spend at least 30 minutes a day doing Pilates. I’m not going gung ho with some extreme workout. I’m keeping in mind the pressures of time. However, doing something is definitely better than what I have been doing — which is nothing.

I’m also looking for some leg strengthening exercises I can do at home. I’m assuming this will be some sort of weight bearing exercise involving squats. I’m also considering step box exercises.

I also don’t have my mountain bike hanging up. While I’m not putting riding time in my calendar, if my son wants to go ride his bike I’m going to tag along. I’ll collect the data out of habit, but there will be no method to it.

So, there you have it, my plan for the next month. How do you spend your Novembers? Do you mountain bike, cyclo cross or do some totally non-bicycle related activity?

Follow along with me and I’ll let you know how this plan works out.