On the trails again

Thing Two and I hit the trails yesterday when I got off work. It was nothing big, we loaded up the MTBs and headed down to Cleveland Park to ride the Eagle trail. It was a good way to ease my son into different types of terrain though I was the one to take a fall.

Felt Mountain Bike

Felt Nine Sport 29er

I will say that I am enjoying the bike. It is taking me a little bit to get used to the larger wheels. The bike weighs in at over 30 pounds and I’m used to riding a bike that weighs about half that! Also, the taller bike isn’t as easy to “throw around” as the smaller wheeled mountain bike. However, it will certainly roll over stuff!

It was not challenged at all by the Eagle Trail. This is a trail built by an Eagle scout back in the late 90’s (or was it early 2000’s?) It connects an older section of unpaved trailed with a “newer” one that is closer to the zoo. The older section that goes above the tennis courts and follows Woodland Way is a smooth packed single track. Without walkers, you could really pick up some speed.

The newer section is more technical but only relatively speaking. The primary challenge for us on that portion of the trail were all the leaves. There is a pretty steep climb and we simply couldn’t make it up. The reason was because we could get no traction. No matter how much weight I tried to get back on the rear wheel, it would still slip out from under me.

We finally ended up walking to the top of that section to get a chance to access other parts of the small trail network. We did a couple of loops there and then headed back to the older section to make our way back to the car. It was only a 30 minute ride, but it was enough to get some blood flowing.

I did come out of it with my wrist injured. Another things I am having to get used to is the new pedal system. I’m used to my Speedplay pedals that with an easy twist of my foot get me disengaged from the bike. The system on the Felt MTB isn’t a bad one. It just isn’t what I’m used to.

Thing Two and I stopped on the side of a grassy hill and I came to a stop. I then went to get out of the pedal to put my foot down. You guessed it. I couldn’t get out fast enough and over I went.

Thankfully, as I was going down, my foot finally released. I remember distinctly thinking as I put my left hand out that I shouldn’t do it. I knew my wrist was already damaged and who knows what would happen if I put all my weight on that arm.

This was going through my mind as my hand reached the ground. I couldn’t avoid it touching at that point, but I did buckle it quickly and rolled to my shoulder. I then kept rolling and came up on my feet.

There was an immediate twinge of pain in my wrist, but not really any worse than it had been. I mounted back up and we started to ride. At first the wrist continued to bother me, but soon I wasn’t thinking about it anymore.

We finished up my ride and headed home. I was kind of glad it was a short one. It left me wanting to do more instead of feeling like we were suffering to a finish. I did realize that we would have gotten bored if we stayed on that short and limited trail for very long.

Next will be Paris Mountain State Park and then perhaps Dupont. Of course, that reminds me of why I stopped mountain biking in the first place. There is always the search for a new trail to ride and that leads you farther and farther afield. That takes more and more time.

Hey, we’ll worry about that when we get there.