Let the spinning begin!

The weekend and its CTS Field Test is done and now it is time to focus on getting in shape for the season ahead. My plan is to take an altered approach to the Time-Crunched Cyclist Plan. We’ll see how it compares with last year.

I’ll let you follow along with me here. It is one way that I keep accountability. During the winter months of riding the trainer it is easy to let a session slip. It doesn’t help that things always seem to be busier during these times.

Well, the best way to handle it is to take it a day at a time. Today shouldn’t be too bad. My meetings for the day are all during the traditional work hours. I got in half of my strength workout this morning. I’ll finish that up after dinner tonight and then start my first spinning session.

Tonight it will be simple… 60 minutes on the trainer at 190 watts. This is what is termed “Endurance Miles” in the TCCP system. It is based on a percentage of my latest FTP of 260 watts.

One thing I do want to do differently this year is to take some longer rides. I know that goes outside the training parameters but I missed the longer rides last year. Not only that, I found that when I was riding longer rides — I wasn’t prepared for it.

I will also incorporate some longer higher intensity sessions. The TCCP might be good for those type of races where you accelerate again and again, it seems to be less effective in those road race type events where the field will peg it to weed out the weaker riders. I’m going to get in some 20 minuteĀ  plus high intensity efforts in there.

That will come later. Tonight, I am just thankful that I’ll be able to spin a bit easier while watching football. The hard sessions of the tomorrows will come soon enough.

Oh, one thing that surprised me was that my weight actually went up this morning. I weighed in at 178 pounds.