The blog it is a changing

You may begin to see some changes around The blog is moving to become the “Official blog of Team Low Cadence and the I Do It For Foundation.” Now, that doesn’t mean that my personal post will go away. It just means that there may be more people participating in what you find here. Also, there will be more news and “administrative” stuff regarding the foundation and its supporting team.

Speaking of the supporting team… the membership form for joining Team Low Cadence is now active! You will find a link in the top menu. Also, you can follow the link here.

Let me explain the team one more time. Team Low Cadence exists to help carry out the mission of the I Do It For Foundation. That mission is to provide support for people who want to use active sports to meet the needs of others in a time of trial.

When you sign up for Team Low Cadence, you agree to race or ride in charity events for the purpose of carrying out that mission. You may be participating to help grow the I Do It For Foundation and its plans to provide support for individuals creating their own supporting events. You may be participating by doing your own I Ride For ___ event using the support of the I Do It For Foundation.

Remember, racers who compete in a required number of USA Cycling sanctioned races have the opportunity to get a reimbursement of their USA Cycling license fees. You’ll get to race in style as well as we provide kits for club members. There are also cash bonuses for those who podium in those races.

Please consider joining us on the team. Our goal is to have hundreds of team members around the country helping to spread the word about our mission and meeting the needs of hurting people one individual at a time. Go Team!

Sign up today or contact us for more information.