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Logan Watts riding through Mexico

Logan Watts riding through Mexico

Several months ago, the CEO of The Worthwhile Company received a call from Logan Watts. Logan was (is) a rock star designer in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was calling to offer to sell his award winning company to Worthwhile.

While very happy to expand Worthwhile into North Carolina by building on the reputation of Logan and his company, BigNoise Interactive, I couldn’t help but wonder about Logan’s goal. He was successful and his company was in a position to move to a new level. What was he moving to with his life?

Over the next few months, Logan continued as an active part of the Worthwhile/Big Noise team. I had the opportunity to get to know Logan a little better. It gave me a few clues into his interests.

In one of my first meetings with him, I noticed he was wearing socks with a NORBA logo on them. I asked him if he enjoyed mountain biking. I got a definite affirmative and learned that Logan enjoyed escaping to the single track on his mountain bike.

That still didn’t explain his ultimate objective in selling his company to become an employee. I didn’t have the relationship with him to really delve into the question. It wasn’t until near the time he left on an extended sabbatical in November that I learned his intentions — at least for the short term.

What was driving Logan? Adventure

What was driving Logan? Adventure

Logan was headed to Mexico. Not only was he headed to Mexico, he was off to Mexico with a bicycle. Seems that what Logan needed in his life at this time was ADVENTURE. You can read his thoughts about it here.

Wow. While I am very, very happy with where I am in my life, I must admit that there is a romantic part of me that is drawn to Logan’s thought process. Maybe someday I’ll be able to do my own epic tour…

Until then, I’ll just enjoy Logan’s adventure as he pedals nowhere at

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