I Do It For ___ Run Bike Fun has a face

Thanks for coming along with me as we start the I Do It For Foundation together. I was never so excited to hear from the IRS as I was this morning when I opened my mailbox to find a letter containing the Tax Identification number for I Do It For Foundation Incorporated.

I was also excited to receive a logo for the September 14, 2013 I Do It For Run Bike Fun event. This will certainly get us started, but there is still time for feedback from you all regarding the logo. Once again I want to give a special thanks to Chris Hartzler for his gift of time and creativity.

In case you are wondering, there are still ways to participate in the foundation besides money and active sports! Getting those IRS and State Department of Revenue documents reminded me of how important a good accountant can be to keep things on the up-and-up. Plus, I need to focus on building the foundation… not dealing with tax reporting!

So, if you are a tax accountant and would like to help out in this regard, I am seriously asking for your help! Doing things correctly and with transparency is part of our values as a foundation. To me, proper accounting services are a very important part of that. I do not believe a small organization such as IDIF that is starting out should manage their own reporting… especially when the doors begin to open for us to enact our 501c3 status.

Just in case I have not made it plain enough… I really do need someone to step forward to help the foundation deal with the accounting. If you are in a position to help in that regard and would be willing to do so pro bono or for a minimal fee, please contact me. If you are part of a firm, we will certainly be willing to list you as a partner in our foundation for the services you provide. Contact the foundation.

By the way, I have not ridden my bike since Sunday. On that day I went out for a pretty good 90 minute ride on the road at SteadyState pace for the entire ride. It was nice to see 28 miles listed on my computer to show results for my effort rather than the 0 miles I get on the trainer.

Right now, my plan has me taking 3 rest days in a row. With the weatherman telling me that the temps are supposed to get near 70 degrees, it might be hard to stick by that plan. I just may have to do a celebration ride!