Another step toward reality

Sometimes all of the plans for the I Do It For Foundation seem like a dream. There is a lot of planning and conversations going on. However, we’re not to the stage where there are many tangible manifestations of all of the talk and strategy. Then you have something that comes along to encourage you that those things are just around the corner.

I Ride For jersey without nameI just got the mockup of the I Ride For ___ jersey. I like the classic lines and most of all I like the message. These jersey’s will be a key component of the promotion of the individual/group events used to raise funds for and show support for people in need of it.

While the colors may not be exact on this mock up (the grey will be a bit darker on the top) the design is what we will be going with. The bold orange bars fit with our I Do It For Foundation logo which appears on the right sleeve and back center pocket panel. The background of the lower part of the jersey contains the statement, “I am not a ribbon, a color, or a disease. I am a person. I have a name.”

That statement encapsulates what we are trying to do with the foundation. We want to draw attention to and show support for the individuals who are the faces of many of the diseases and trials that we so want to eradicate in our world. Someday we may knock out a few of those evils, but until then we want to lift up those affected by them.

Of course, all of this is personal. If you are reading this, you know of someone near to you who is currently going through a trial. Perhaps it is cancer. Maybe it is some other physical limitation. It could be a family that has had a financial setback due to a natural disaster. We want you to take these tools and “Do It For Someone You love”.

I Ride For jersey with nameSo, how do you take this jersey — and other promotional items — and make it personal? Well, you fill in the blank… literally. You fill in the blank. This apparel is designed for you to put in the name of the person you wish to lift up with your actions.

We will be making available (for the purpose of raising funds) these jerseys and other personalized materials. There will be several options for the personalization. Depending on the event we will 1) be able to have the jerseys run with a name as part of the original design, 2) use an overlay printing and/or 3) allow users to write in the name using a painting marker.

This is one of the challenges we are facing with this personalization concept. It is hard to operate at a high volume (which keeps cost down) and still maintain the personalized nature. As the foundation grows and we are able to bring on more support, I hope to be able to innovate in this regard.

Regardless, we are not going to allow these challenges to hold us back. We will go forward with what we are able to accomplish and trust God to direct us to the people and knowledge to wisely use the funds we have while still giving a personalized level of attention to those we are trying to serve.

So, make your plans to be one of the first to get your I Ride For ___ jersey or t-shirt, or tri top, or running jersey, or… Well, you get the idea. That is when all of this starts becoming a reality. It is just around the corner.