Weekend work

Here is something I was working on this weekend. “Well, didn’t you race?” You ask. No, I did not. I’ll save expressing the reason why for a time when I have more of it — time that is.

This weekend I had some time to finally focus on the I Do It For Foundation and Team Low Cadence. We now have 26 members of the team and I’m amazed by that. Still, I am hoping that we as a team can mobilize to bring on even more members to help us carry out our mission.

Part of that is coming up with information that helps explain what we are doing. Social media and other web tools are great, but sometimes you need some dead tree options. So, I created this flyer. I’m open to suggestions on what could make it better. However, by Wednesday I want to have this ready to go to the printer.

Team Low Cadence FlyerTeam Low Cadence Flyer (back)As usual, I’m open to suggestions. What could I do to make it better? Are there questions unanswered? Is there something more that you would like to know before you would make a decision to join us? Even if you have no plans to join, I would appreciate your feedback. If you prefer not to comment here, you can email me at info@idoitfor.org.

Have a wonderful Sunday. For those of you racing at the Greenville Spring Training Series, be SAFE out there!