Not always what you say

Seems so small [link]” resonated with a good number of readers. I was talking with the Beautiful Redhead about the t-shirts for Lurtey’s last night. We talked about making them available for Todd’s friends at school. It raised an interesting question.

“But they aren’t doing a ride,” Annette questioned. “Don’t you think that people will question what the ride is?” Her mentioning this wasn’t the first time this came to my mind. It was one of the things that held me back in the first place.

I realize that it is more a matter of pride. It would make a lot more sense if the t-shirts said, “I Do It For ____” on the front instead of “I Ride For ____”. Should you hold back expressing a sentiment just because it isn’t perfect? I believe not.

IDIF t-shirt (back)

The purpose behind the t-shirts is the same. It is to cause people to stop… as they have on numerous occasions… and ask, “Who is Mike?” or “Who is Todd?” You then get an opportunity to draw attention to a brave person fighting a harsh battle. When you get to that point, it doesn’t matter whether it is “I Ride For ___”, “I Run For ___”, or “I Tri For ___”.

Yes, we will do all of those t-shirts as various I Do It For ___ projects get started. However, I do realize that we need to also create an “I Do It For ___” option. There are people who might not be able to do a ride, run or other active sport event. However, they do want to express solidarity with someone they love. They do want to perhaps help someone doing an active event.

The key for me is that the statement on the back of the shirt is always the same, “I am not a ribbon, a color, or a disease. I am a person. I have a name. Do it for me.”

Don’t wait until things are perfect. If you have something in your hand, use it. That exercise will help grow you to something better. In the mean time, you are helping someone. It’s not always what you say. It is that you said it at all.