You start before you finish

I was excited to see the I Do It For Foundation’s Run. Ride. Fun. event appear on the Start 2 Finish website yesterday. It makes all of this seem more of a reality. Check it out at

IDIFRBF-logoThe link leads to the cobbled together I Do It For Foundation website. The funny thing is that the announcement went live on on the day that I jerry-rigged the site in order to promote the Ben Renkema fund. So, when people clicked to learn more about the event, they were taken to the page.

That is how things have been for the last few months. Starting up a foundation like IDIF is not easy! You don’t have a lot of money and so you have to spend your time. You don’t have a lot of time and so you are always flying by the seat of your pants!

However, you have to start somewhere. If you never start, you have zero chance of finishing. That is what I plan to do. Yes, we have a strategy for moving forward. There is no doubt that by summer IDIF is going to¬† not only be the tool we envision, but it will also be presented in an excellent manner. Until that time, I don’t plan to sit on my hands when it comes to seeking to fulfill our mission.

I guess where the rubber meets the road comes down to dollars. I may have a little bit of time to spend cobbling things together, but in order for IDIF to be what we hope for at the “finish line” it is going to take money — and not a little bit of it. We can do what we can to help, but we will be most effective when our strategy is put in place.

Can you help? We need to raise $12,000 for the phase one of our online system. This system is the operational heart of the foundation. With it, we will be able to take and projects like it to a whole new level.

I’m not just putting this out there to inform everyone. I’m putting this out there as a serious request. We have been sharing the story of I Do It For ___ for sometime now. You have been able to follow along with us from the germination of the project in my mind. I want you to be there with us at the finish… I want you to be a part of it.

Contact me about helping to make a reality. I am asking you to start with me by giving. That giving will bring us to the finish. We’ll celebrate there together!